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A Split in the Timeline!


It was inevitable.

Splat Rabbit has begun his 2nd Chapter of Lore. Hopefully you've seen Part 1/13, but if not here it is (check it out after you read this!). With it comes a challenge to the established order of the series. Many have been unsure which Splat Rabbit comics before now were canon and which were not. This is my fault for not being clear enough, so here's how to read Splat Rabbit as canon and what Chapter 2 means for the comic moving forward.

The short answer is that everything before Chapter 2 is technically canon. Regular political gag comics (which moving forward will be called "funny pages") have been the bread and butter of the series. At #74, we began introducing the story line that would be a small arc for the characters established in previous funny pages. The comics that followed (76 through 112) would be what we would understand properly to be Splat Rabbit LORE Chapter 1. However, all of the strips that proceed #74 and the few that would arrive after #112 can be read as events that lead to or happened as a result of Chapter 1. As Chapter 2 continues, you'll see this to be true as we hint at the absence of Bear and Lord Lady's plot.

Now, Chapter 2 is built different then previous Splat Rabbit strips. It's formatted closer to a traditional comic book rather than the square panels that make previous funny pages. And with it comes a story that will make it impossible for Splat and the gang to mob in Sylumville casually like before. But as I said in the previous blog post, political strips are NOT done. So what does that mean for the canon? It means we must split it. I'd say it's a Splat Rabbit multiverse, but it's really not THAT complex plus who wants to evoke Marvel's trite right now?

So to wrap it up, here's the TLDR for canonicity in Splat Rabbit moving forward.

All comics #1 through #137 are canon. But only #74 and #76 through #112 move the story forward. Until a definitive version is in print, you can read Chapter 1 which ever way fits you.

Chapter 2 will be labeled as such and so will all future LORE comics that may follow, Lord willing.

Future funny pages will pick up at #138 and will be labeled and presented similarly to how they were before. However, they will NOT contribute to the story. They will just be based on gags and messages for entertainment and vindication.

I hope that clears things up and I hope you enjoy future Splat Rabbit comics. Canon or not!

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