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A Change Soon Comes...


Here we are a day before the release of Splat Rabbit LORE chapter 2. I'm incredibly excited to get into the more story driven side of Splat Rabbit art and look forward to seeing what you all think of the coming developments. But what some may be wondering is when will we get more political Splat Rabbit? With so much craziness going on in the world, the jokes are basically writing themselves. Should the Bunny Bomber have something to say about it? The answer is "yes, but no." You see, when Splat returns to 'the funny pages,' it will have to be different for reasons I will explain in brief here in this blog (and in detail in future comics and blog posts).

I thought about laying out the whole story in a big, epic update. But most of you refer to me as Splat Rabbit instead of BeeZ Tollinger. So I won't even bother boring you with the controversies, life updates, and spiritual decay that has plagued Q1 of this year. What you need to know is that the Lord has dealt with me about my joy and endurance. I don't know if you feel the fever getting hotter, but you best get out a thermometer (and by thermometer, I mean your BIBLE). Jesus will be here very soon and if you know anything about what is written, bible chronology, and what the World Economic Forum is plotting, you know the third day is fast approaching. Let those that have the ears to hear do so. Let those that are curious be made known. My disgruntled cynicism for events in and outside of my life left me a bitter shell of my former self. But I don't have time to feel sorry for myself and neither do you. What does any of this have to do with Splat Rabbit? I will explain:

Splat Rabbit is a lot of things. A Christian, a political figure, a chud, and a fren. But what he is to me is a way to communicate ideas to a public in a way that isn't a speaking gig or a becoming a ranting loon in the streets. There are comics I've made that I now find dopey and uninspired like this one. There are comics that are masterworks that I'm pissed you let flop like The Legend of MLK Day and Elon Enrages. But the thing these comics have in common is that they were made in utter contempt for modernity. A deep, brooding hatred for anything the contemporaries hold dear. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with disliking the present, brooding in hatred is good for no one. It is written: whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes. And blinded I was. Because I'd been so consumed in impractical hatred that I received a broken spirit. Bones dryer then a mf. If art in all periods is an expression of the spirit of the artist, what does it mean about everything I've made so far? Based as it may or may not be, it's wrong and it has to change.

Does this mean BeeZ is going to go soft? God forbid! But I want to make sure that when I'm making, I'm doing so out of a place of love and joy. And I want the Splat Rabbit Enjoyers to feel that and reciprocate that in their lives and in their own work (artistic or otherwise). It is written, love covers a multitude of sins. It is written that a joyful heart is good medicine. If I am going to make from now on, it'll be based on what is written. Not what is popular, not what gets clicks, not what will stir problems. If God wishes to show me His glory in the land of the living, then he'll find a way to do it despite my appeal or lack thereof. But even if I die in earthly squalor, my eternity will be great in Him. That alone is enough to make me consider what I do, move accordingly, and encourage others to do the same.

While I do enjoy the setup Splat Rabbit LORE chapter 2 brings to the table, it is yet again another set of comics conceived in iniquity. I assure you that chapter 3 and any funny pages that come after this will be better. Not just because I will build on all that came before, but because this next set will be made in the joy of the Lord. I will praise the name of Jesus despite how things look. And I encourage each and every one of you that checks out this blog to do the same.

God bless you for your support of Splat Rabbit and beezinkntoys. We'll see you March 14th for the beginning of Chapter 2!

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